Snack Watcher

Starting as a fun Jonah Group project, the Snack Watcher is designed to watch the company’s “Snack Table”. If there are some new “Snacks” presented on the “Snack Table”, it can be used to report the event onto chat channels, emails or messages saying “Snack Happened!”, posting an image and trying to classify the snacks that it observed. It supports both as web site for interactive snack viewing and RESTful API for programmatic snack querying.

It is open source in hope of advancing the sharing spirit and snacking fun within your company!

Snack Watcher Github Repo

Snack Watcher Presentation

At Jonah Group’s TNS+ DevOps [06/16/2016], Benny Cheung presented the experience of building Snack Watcher using Microservices. The presentation slides can be downloaded from here:

Building Snack Watcher using Microservices - Presentation Slides

Building Snack Watcher using Microservices - Video

Snack Watcher’s Watcher

Benny Cheung believes snack watching is an important exercise to understand the wide range of computational and philosophical topics. Teaching a computer to see surely teaches him the most important lesson that creative spirit is in the details. It is so difficult and yet it is so fun. Benny also covers many other interesting topics at Benny Mind Hack Blog.

Mark Bloomer is interested in well developed software using a range of tools and techniques, and snack watching is a great project that incorporates many concepts. EVERYONE likes snacks and its useful to track the evolution of the items on the table and classify them. The Snack Watcher project incorporates a wide range of popular publicly available tools that allows one to learn a wide range of skills which is useful in a constantly evolving industry.

Randolph Salvador (also known as RJ) first got involved in the Snack Watcher project to see just how far Benny can take his crazy ideas. Since then, he has seen those ideas go pretty far, and in a pretty exciting direction. Randolph enjoys learning about UX/UI in software, and jumped at the chance to apply some of those skills to this project. He can usually be found tinkering with CSS and Javascript, or tinkering with music when away from a monitor.

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